Dvodnevna CPD radionica: “Lebensraum - inside and outside. Exploring field phenomenons of architecture and surroundings in gestalt therapy” , 23.03.-24.03.2012.

O radionici: Lebensraum (literal translation: living space) is a term from gestalt theory, dating from Kurt Lewin (1943+) and refers to the psychological lebensraum. In this workshop you will experience how the psychological lebensraum is influenced by and in interaction with the real built space of your apartments, offices, houses, things you put around you and also by the collective spaces like streets, gardens, parks …. The workshop takes a hands-on approach to learning, based on experience. You will feel and manage emotions, discover more about the interrelationship between inside, psychological and outside, practical lebensraum and about what you really need. The experiences will be reflected upon in plenum and in small groups and set in relation to participants everyday work.

Voditeljica radionice: Dipl.-Ing. Luitgard Gasser, born in 1958, interior architect, member of the German Chamber of Architects and Gestalt Therapist DVG/EAP/ECP is fascinated in all kinds of lebensraum since she was a 10 year old girl. Since 1988 she manages workshops for private and professional persons regarding the interrelationship between psychological and built lebensraum, uses her clients apartments and houses as a medium in gestalt-art- therapy and gestalt therapy in consultation with house or apartment owners. She is assigned trainer and supervision therapist for different gestalt institutes in Germany.


Sudjelovat mogu - psihoterapeuti, psihijatri, odgajatelji, socijalni radnici, savjetovatelji, psiholozi, socijalni pedagozi, defektolozi kao i arhitekti.

Radionica ce se održavati na engleskom jeziku.

Datum održavanja: 23 i 24.03.2012.; petak i17:30 – 20:30 h i subota od 10-18h sa 2 sata pauze za rucak

Cijena: 500,00 kn

Mjesto održavanja: Dj. Vrtic Šumska Jagoda, Sveti Duh 75, Zagreb

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