Gestalt Supervisors School - a program organized by IIPG in Cracow, Poland

Gestalt Supervisors School is a course addressed for psychotherapists who run their practice for at least 10 years and are certified for at least 5 years as well as have experience in leading peers supervision.

The aim of this course is to gain abilities and improve skills of supervising so participants will be prepared for a role of supervisor of psychotherapy in different environments. The curriculum is divided into two parts. First four sessions are designed to become acquainted of different approaches towards supervision, different and unique styles of work with supervisees. Last two workshops would provide participants with competence of hipervision.

The structure of curriculum gives an opportunity to observe other supervisors and to insight own abilities what becomes a learning factor. In order to provide the highest quality we keep our groups small – maximum 16 persons. There’re guest teachers invited who are all experienced and distinguished supervisors-practitioners. From abroad: Peter Schulthess, dr Lynda Osborne and Kenneth Evans. Polish teachers who will run particular workshops are: prof. Bogdan de Barbaro, mgr Anna Tanalska and mgr Zofia Pierzchala - who is also the director of IIPG as well as originator of this course. The course finishes with the final exam.

ACCREDITATION Gestalt Supervisors School is the first in Poland and in Europe course for Gestalt Supervisors. In September 2010 our Institute and EAGT representatives worked out together on standards of these course based on experience of the first edition of ‘Gestalt Supervisor’s School’ (run in 2009 in IIPG).

This course is accredited by EAGT since 2009 what means that once you’re a member of EAGT you’ll automatically receive a ‘certificate for an Accredited Supervisor of EAGT’. HOW TO ENROLL, DATES and COSTS For the first time GSS will be held in English and open for internationals. For Polish participants there’s a translator planned. There’re six two-and-a-half day workshops. Together it gives 150 hours.

To enroll for the course you need to fill-in an application form, available on our web-site in here and sent it to the coordinator of course – Aleksandra Sekowska: The School will start in early 2016, in Krakow, IIPG. Dates of meetings are: 05-07.02.2016; 15-17.04.2016; 03-05.06.2016; 02-04.09.2016; 21-23.10.2016 and 02-04.12.2016. The costs of participation will vary depending on where the School will take place (in Krakow or in other places within driving distance from Krakow) and on the number of participants.